We are IGNITE, a multidisciplinary student team from Eindhoven University of Technology. Our goal is to research how light technologies can be facilitated to create engagement within crowds. In our research we develop interactive lighting installations for large events that create an entertaining experience for the public. 

We believe that the future of human work skills is a cross-cultural collaboration by people with different backgrounds and expertise areas. This triggered the establishment of IGNITE, which embraces and combines the different expertise areas of the students to do multifaceted research.


The modular system designed by the first generation of our team has been an important aspect throughout all of the previous light installations. The cubes could be transformed into numerous shapes, which makes each installation for every event unique and personalized. Next to the installation for GLOW, the team also created sculptures for TEDxEindhoven and Conduct (music festival).

After completing Hypar, a new collective was founded that continues to develop this modular system further. If you are interested in working with Hypar, feel free to contact Hypar Collective to discuss possibilities for your event. The new generation of student team IGNITE will build upon the research of Hypar Collective, and develop new lighting installations with a fresh outlook!


Hypar is an installation where technology and nature come together. There is an active atmosphere of sound and light around Hypar, perceivable for everyone around and inside the installation. The interaction modules on opposite sides are representing on one hand ‘technology’ and on the other hand ‘nature’. Once both collaborate seamlessly together, it is possible to create something magical by sending a powerful stream of energy. Hypar itself is created by precisely placing cubes in the challenging pattern of a hyperbolic paraboloid. Using the bulky cubes and the natural pattern, the contrast between ‘technology’ and ‘nature’ is delicately shown as the overarching principle.

The installation was created by students from the Eindhoven University of Technology and visualized these initially conflicting elements. It emphasized the importance of collaboration, in order to achieve greater goals.

Watch the audience of GLOW 2019 make Hypar come alive:

The Hypar aftermovie made by Perspektiv.


[Postponed until further notice]

Team IGNITE 2.0 hosts an awesome livestream in which we reveal our concepts for GLOW 2021 and the new direction of student team IGNITE.

More information follows soon!


Curious about our projects or interested in working together? Contact us to get more information!