Team IGNITE was founded in 2016 as a committee of study associations Lucid (Industrial Design) and CHEOPS (Built Environment) from the TU/e to create an installation for GLOW 2016. After this first year, the committee ended. However, the students did not feel ready to let go of designing with light yet. They decided to become a TU/e innovation Space team and continue their journey within lighting design. In 2018, team IGNITE presented “Loop,” which was a pilot for “Hypar,” the installation made from luminous cubes, that they presented in 2019.


In 2018, also for GLOW Eindhoven, the team created an installation for research purposes. This installation, Loop, tested the best working interactivity for future sculptures during the eight day event. Visitors were able to control the speed of the light as well as the colours of the light with their movement. Several types of interaction were tested during the event and analysed afterwards. With this information a new interaction for Hypar will be designed.

Watch the video below to see Loop in action:


Hypar is an installation where technology and nature come together. There is an active atmosphere of sound and light around Hypar, perceivable for everyone around and inside the installation. The interaction modules on opposite sides are representing on one hand ‘technology’ and on the other hand ‘nature’. Once both collaborate seamlessly together, it is possible to create something magical by sending a powerful stream of energy. Hypar itself is created by precisely placing cubes in the challenging pattern of a hyperbolic paraboloid. Using the bulky cubes and the natural pattern, the contrast between ‘technology’ and ‘nature’ is delicately shown as the overarching principle.

The installation was created by students from the Eindhoven University of Technology and visualized these initially conflicting elements. It emphasized the importance of collaboration, in order to achieve greater goals.

Watch the audience of GLOW 2019 make Hypar come alive:

The Hypar aftermovie made by Perspektiv.